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FooDrugs is your go-to application to research potential food-drug interactions

What is FooDrugs?

FooDrugs is a bioinformatic tool that centralizes information from different text documents and gene expression data on potential food-drug interactions (FDIs).

Clinicians, nutritionists or researchers can access potential FDIs information quickly and easily from PubMed, DrugBank and
FooDrugs stores a total of:
-439338 text documents
-1108429 potential FDIs
-for 50960 foods or bioactive compounds

Researchers interested in characterization of bioactives or functional foods can explore potential food-drug interactions from gene expression similarity scores or access food transcriptomic profiles for further analysis. FooDrugs integrates 3923 food transcriptomic profiles for 293 foods or bioactive compounds from multiple public studies, with 1.5M gene expression profiles from ~5,000 small molecule compounds, and ~3,000 genetic reagents, tested in multiple cell types from the Connectivity Map(PMID 29195078).

Text Documents

Food-Drugs gene expression similarity

Food gene sets

Food transcriptomic

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